Dynalift (Pty) Ltd is a proud member of LEEASA and is fortunate to have an ECSA registered Lifting Machinery Inspector (LMI) in our employ.
With over 20 years of experience in the lifting industry, and with seasoned professionals at our disposal, we are confident in saying that we can provide a solution for all your Lifting Machinery needs:

Load Testing & Inspections:

Our experienced LMI personally conducts all monthly, quarterly or six-monthly inspections to ensure that all of your Lifting Machinery complies to SANS and OEM standards, at all times.

General Maintenance & Repairs:

Maintaining your Lifting Machinery is a great way to ensure that they remain up to standard and thus safe to use. Call us to repair or replace faulty parts, perform general maintenance or ensure that ‘safe to use’ machinery is made even safer by fitting additional precautionary measures like load limiting devices or calibrated load display units.

Call Dynalift to Inspect, Maintain or Repair Your:

 Overhead & Truck Mounted Cranes
 Mobile Cranes & Gantry Cranes
 Chain Blocks & Lever Hoists
 Aerial Platforms
 Forklifts


Supplying the Best:

At Dynalift, we never compromise on quality. That is why we have partnered with top-rated suppliers like Elephant and Spiderweb to ensure that our clients receive only the best in:

• Chain Slings
• Synthetic Slings
• Steel Wire Rope Slings
• Chain Blocks or Lever Hoists
• Safety Harnesses and Lifelines
• Shackles, Hooks, Eye Bolts and so much more !

Inspections and Repairs:

Our qualified Lifting Tackle Inspectors (LTI) will assist in ensuring that high standards are continuously upheld on your work site, by tending to all Monthly, Quarterly or 6-Monthly inspections.
With our fully equipped workshop, extended turnaround times are a thing of the past when it comes to repairing, reconditioning or recertifying your lifting equipment.
Our optimized color-coded tagging system, provides for the easy identification and traceability of your lifting tackle.



Dynalift (Pty) Ltd. developed an easier, more affective way for our clients to manage their lifting equipment. The solution? A state of the art, cloud-based software program to help you in ensuring that your equipment meets all DMR and OHS Act requirements.

Swift and Effective Inspections:

Dynasoft can be installed on any computer and smart, mobile or hand-held device. The application has built in features which allows you to scan the barcode of equipment anywhere and at any time, to conduct effective and thorough inspections.

Quick and Easy Identification:

By simply scanning a barcode, you will be able to identify not only the piece of equipment, but also the current safety status thereof, the inspection history, the last registered user and so much more.

Data Capturing & Reporting:

Dynasoft is cloud-based to ensure that your data is kept safe while remaining easily accessible, at all times. You can now have access to various reports, including inspection reports, equipment history and status reports, all at the click of a button.

For more information on this truly innovative new way to ensure safety and compliance in your rigger store, call Dynalift today.


“fatalities caused by mobile mining equipment and machinery remains the single highest cause of deaths across the sector“
– International Council on Mining and Metals

Collision avoidance systems improve safety conditions on mining and construction sites by remedying some of the main causes of collision. Vehicle mounted 360-degree cameras eliminate blind spots while radar obstacle detection identifies and warns against moving and stationary objects
Dynalift (Pty) Ltd has ample experience in the field, being the OEM and only supplier for a 60m Radar Detection System, developed and manufactured for Anglo American on Mogalakwena Platinum Mine, where we were also successfully installing, maintaining and monitoring the radar systems on their machinery for over 5 years.
We are also proud to be an approved distributor for Brigade and our qualified technicians have extensive experience in fitting and maintaining the following systems:

• 30m and 60m Radar Detection systems
• Single and Double VBV Systems
• Mobile Digital Recorders
• BE Quad Systems
• Reverse Hooters


Frequent illumination testing and brake testing of mobile machinery and LDV’s isn’t just a common requirement on most mining sites, it is also a significant step toward improving the safety of your em-ployees and fleet.

Brake Testing & Illumination Testing:

Brake tests are conducted to assess the braking performance of TMM’s whilst illumination tests determine whether the lights on your vehicles or mobile machinery aren’t below the regulatory re-quirements. Both can be done by our accredited technicians.

ROPS Installations:

To further improve safety (on and off site), schedule your vehicles to be fitted with Rollover Protection Structures. We supply and fit Halo and Delta-V ROPS, both of which are generally accepted on most mines:

 Halo ROPS is an optimized tubular structure mounted to the roof of the vehicle so there are no rollbars on the inside of the vehicle that may cause injury.
 Delta-V ROPS are specifically designed to cater for utility vehicles operating in the harshest mining conditions.